Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Prada half-year profits soar on growing Asian demand

Profits of Italian luxury goods brand Prada have gained 74% on increasing demand for its products in Asia.
Company half yearly net profit has been increased up to 180m as compare to 103m euros a year ago.
Prada, Hong Kong had great demand of Prada goods in June, Now Prada had planed to open 80 new stores this year.
The Asian market, and especially China have become increasingly important to luxury goods companies

Monday, 19 September 2011

Emmy Winners Dish Backstage: 'Modern Family,' Kate Winslet and More

The statues have been handed out. "Modern Family" swept."Mad Man" dominated. But backstage, it wasn't all bravado from the stars of those shows, or any of the other Emmy winning programs. Below, check out how Julie Bowen, Kate Winslet, Melissa McCarthy, Martin Scorsese and  many more reflected on their victories backstage. 
Ty Burrell, won best comedy supporting actor, "Modern Family," on the show's pro-gay stance: "It feels very happy to be on a show that looks like it's changing a lot of minds."  
Julie Bowen, winner, best comedy supporting actress, "Modern Family," on how having children of her own influences her role as Claire Dunphy: "I think if I wasn't a mom, it would be harder to look at a child and understand how you can hate and love them all at once … There are times when I really wouldn't mind if there was a giant hook pulled [my kids] off the stage of my life." 
Jim Parsons, winner, comedy actor, "The Big Bang Theory," on former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen presenting his award.
Kate Winslet, winner, best miniseries or movie actor, "Mildred Pierce," on playing Elizabeth Taylor in a bio pic if asked to perform on the role: "I would be honored. In the same breath I would say yes."
Melissa McCarthy, winner, best comedy actor, "Mike & Molly," on the beauty pageant inspired presentation of her award: "It was all Amy's idea. If Amy Poehler write something's funny, I'll perform it. I would not want to piss her off."
Peter Dinklage, winner, best actor in a drama, "Game of Thrones," on exuding a super cool persona and thanking his dog sitter: "It comes from being terrified on the inside.
Martin Scorsese, winner , best television drama direction, being a more innovative medium than film: "I think you really have an opportunity here currently and I see it even maybe more so than what's possible with independent cinema. You have the opportunity here now. It depends on the vision … but you can do something extraordinary."

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Worldwide weird: See the world’s largest Big Mac

McDonald’s most iconic sandwich, the Biggest Mac, has a 14ft tall replica and a whole Pennsylvania museum to its name.
At 14ft tall and 12ft across, the world’s biggest Big Mac looks good, good taste and enough to eat, if you could fit it in your mouth — just each pickle measures two feet across.