Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kim Kardashian Paid $600K To Host Vegas Party On New Year’s Eve

Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian clan don’t come into sight to be going anywhere anytime soon, in spite of the boycott efforts against them. In fact, the custody Up With The Kardashians star will be raking in a cool $600,000 just to host a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas! No, we are not kidding. More after the jump!
Say what? Yes, you read that properly. In spite of all the bad press after her divorce from Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian is apparently being paid $600,000 to host the annual New Year’s Eve party at Tao in the Venetian in Las Vegas. According to sources, Kim earn 500,000 for the same hosting gig last year, so why the extra $100k current year? It seems that, Tao is also paying the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star to make a some more appearances for them.
Speaking of New Year’s Eve, Kim Kardashian currntly took to Twitter to share her excitement as she posted: “New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. Time to celebrate the whole thing you’ve achieved in the past year and look ahead to everything to come in the New Year… This New Year’s Eve, I’ll be celebrating at Tao in Las Vegas. I can’t wait!” Will she be celebrating the fact that she achieved yet another failure of a marriage? Somehow we don’t think she will be drowning grief about her divorce on New Year’s Eve.
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Silence of the Lambs added to US film archive

Oscar-winning 1991 thriller A quiet of the Lambs is to be potted by the US Library of Congress as part of its National Film Registry.
The film - in which Sir Anthony Hopkins made his first entrance as serial killer Hannibal Lecter - was one of 25 new additions announced.
Others added Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks, characteristic Disney animation Bambi and Charlie Chaplin's The Kid.
The titles were selected from 2,228 films chosen by the public.
Every new entrance must be measured "culturally, in the past or aesthetically" important in order to be added to the registry.
Other additions include the 1979 Sally Field film Norma Rae, Robert Rodriguez's 1992 debut mark El Mariachi and the 1953 report of War of the Worlds.
They are connected by such lesser-known titles as A Computer Animated Hand - a one-minute film made in 1972 that is one of the first examples of 3D computer animation.
The oldest additions are silent films dating from 1912. One documents the pre-World War I child labour reform movement, while the other is a farce beginning comic actor John Bunny.
Gump, which won Hanks his second Oscar for best actor in 1995, is the most latest of the new additions.
"These films are chosen because of their lasting significance to American culture," said James H Billington, who has been the US Congress librarian since 1987.
"Our film tradition must be secluded because these cinematic treasures document our history and culture and reproduce our hopes and dreams."

Giuliana Rancic returns to work after cancer surgery

Two weeks after undergoing a dual mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Giuliana Rancic was came back on the set at "E! News" on Tuesday.

"Even though I motivated a tad slower than usual today, each one welcomed me back with open arms and it was a wonderful return," she says in a statement on the network's Web site.

Rancic, 37, had the surgery December 13 after lumpectomies failed to eradicate her breast cancer.
"It feels very good to be back at work," she says. "I confused whether I was going to return to 'E! News' this week or after the new year. The last thing I desired to do was rush my healing."

She also said "Thankfully, I've been feeling much better each single day since surgery and this weekend my doctors allow me to get back to work."

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol', Tom Cruise Inspiration

"So Tom's been successively around the construction the whole time, and I consideration 'I can do this.'"

Throwing yourself out of the world's tallest building after the world's most famed actor is all in a day's work for Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise's co-star in the latest installment of Mission Impossible, but even Renner admits he was primarily terrified.

"There's only this little belt, one wire and a bloke who doesn't look like he's paying notice holding me up, so I was a bit worried. A couple of seconds later, I was doing it. And it became a good-looking scene, once the terror passed."

"It's a odd emotion when Tom Cruise calls your house. I'd met him numerous times over the years, and we'd sat down to argue the movie.

"So I went home, the phone rang 15 minutes later, and it was Tom Cruise, asking if I required to do it. I couldn't say no, and it all worked out, and I've educated a lot from the guy this past year.

"Tom was very liberal with time and compliments. He was very hands-on, and makes you feel part of it, so it was the conflicting of threatening, it was inspiring. He sets a high bar of deficient to make the film as great as it can be, with the best stunts. So we all just required to make the film great as well."

The efforts of Renner and his co-stars, as well as British favourite Simon Pegg, have been pleased, with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol garnering the best reviews so far of the lucrative series, with particular praise set aside for the gravity-defying stunts.

Renner's character he describes as "a reluctant hero, a bit fearful" - is the chief analyst for the IMF, thrown into the throes of a major world crisis and forced to team up with Ethan.

Daniel Craig Covers 'Men's Journal' January 2012

Daniel Craig shows off his sharp blue eyes on the December 2011/January 2012 cover up of Men’s Journal, on stands now.
The 43-year-old British actor, whose latest movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is in theaters now, had this to share with the mag:
New third James Bond film: “The script is improved than Casino Royale.”
On preparation for Bond: “I’m a bit of a gym bunny. But the truth is it’s f–king tedious. I do light weights and lots of reps… There was a class I heard somebody talk about — spinning yoga — which is one hourand a half of spinning, then one hour and a half of yoga, hot f–king yoga. (smirks) What are you doing with your life where you can expend three hours on that?”
On Dream House, which was released previously this year: “The movie didn’t turn out grand? But I met my wife (co-star Rachel
On the age of the Internet: “Something like Blade Runner, nobody understand what the f–k that was. There was no fanfare behind it — nothing. You went in to see it and were like, ‘What the f–k is this about?’ It was great. You can’t do that now. I grieve it, I actually do. Now, all is explained. Now there’s Rotten Tomatoes, with 120 reviews and your Tomato meter. Just aesthetically, I have a flicking difficulty with Rotten Tomatoes’ graphics. I indicate what the f–k? I really hate the expert judgment. If you were a f–king expert, you’d be doing it.’

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol leads US cinemas

The fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible permit has taken the number one mark at the US box office over the four-day Christmas weekend.
Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise, made $46.2m (£29.5m) and boosted Sherlock Holmes into second spot.
The fight movie came in third place last week after making its entrance at a limited number of screens.
Steven Spielberg's Tintin and War Horse appears on chart at five and seven correspondingly.
The director's action capture version of the Belgian boy adventurer, which has proved a box office hit around the world, made a self-effacing $16.1m (£10.2m) on its Christmas starting in North America.
In the meantime, Spielberg's version of Michael Morpurgo's book about a horse who is sent to fight during World War I, started business on Sunday and took $15m (£9.5m).
But both films were outshone by the US report of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, with appears on chart at number four.
The gritty film, directed by David Fincher and based on the first book of late Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson's trilogy, made $19.4m (£12.4m), in spite of not being feel-good Christmas fare.
But the movie was compressed to third place by family animation Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chip wrecked, which raked in a total of $20m (£12.7m).
Mission Impossible inside the top 10 were We Bought a Zoo - start Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson - in sixth place, and Darkest Hour at eight.

Meet Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey's new fiancee

Actor Matthew McConaughey declared over the holiday weekend that he had asked longtime partner Camila Alves to get married him and she said yes. But who is this outstanding brunette?
McConaughey and Alves met in a bar in 2006 and have two children jointly - Levi, 3, and Vida, 2. Alves is relates from Brazil, but she encouraged to Los Angeles when she was 15 years old and start working as a waitress to save up money and going to night school to learn English.
She shifted to New York City at the age of 19 and start working as a model. She now has a flourishing Hollywood relationship and her own line of handbags. She tells People of McConaughey, "He's a man, and the best type of man. Everybody just has to find common ground and create that work for them, and that's what we do."

Monday, 26 December 2011

Fashion 101 airs on TV3

The fashion industry in Ghana has been given a major boost as a new, interactive, educative, entertaining and viewer-friendly television show Fashion 101, hits the screens next weekend.

Hosted by the ever gorgeous and stunning Sandra Ankobiah, Miss Ghana 2002 Runner-Up, the 30-minute show makes its first screen appearance on Saturday December 31, 8:30am, on TV3, and would air every weekend.

At a special press briefing to launch the programme in Accra on Tuesday, the producers said they were upbeat about the success of a show that from all indications is going to be a major talking point over the coming weeks that the first 13 episodes would be shown.

Viewers would be treated to an exciting show that would help them to be conscious of the various fashion blunders and statements they make on daily basis knowingly and unknowingly, among other finer details that are usually taken for granted.

“Fashion 101 shall be a leading fashion programme which will capture millions, providing its audience with real fashion direction throughout Africa and beyond,” the producers have said.

On a typical Fashion 101 edition, a four-member panel comprising Chester Annie, Sandra the host and two others, will critique Ghanaian celebrities on their style of dressing, make-up, and hairstyle at any event.

“Basically, we will try and make sense of what celebrity A or B wears, and also try to appreciate why they chose to dress in a particular way,” says Sandra.

The second part of the programme will see a visibly out of tune fashion victim, completely given a new look and appeal. Every week, a Ghanaian designer provides the clothing for this segment, and the make-up is done by some of the industry’s finest.

“On every edition, a lucky individual would get that unique opportunity of having a complete make-over done on him or her. Here, what we would be looking out for, is how the person looked before and after the makeover, and also, whether fashion has been giving a meaning or not,” Sandra added.

Even before Saturday’s maiden edition, expectations for Fashion 101 across the industry are very high, with most stakeholders commending the producers for the uniqueness and freshness the show offers.

Apart from giving fashion a breath of fresh air in Ghana, the producers also “aim to promote Ghanaian fashion designers and encourage them to create trends for Ghana and the international market”.

Fashion 101 is executive produced by Emerald Paradise Productions, of which Sandra is the CEO, and supported by the Aviation Social Centre, Wardrobe Essentials, Ark Accessories and Tracy J.

Green is this season's color at Nigeria Fashion Week

Nigeria Fashion Week has always featured bold colors, but this year the focus was on one color in particular -- green.
For the first time in its eight years, Nigeria Fashion Week showcased a collection specifically to create awareness of environmental issues.
"The whole world is going green and that means the whole world is thinking about sustaining our environment," said Lexy Mojo-Eyes, president of Nigeria Fashion Week. "We thought this is our little contribution."
He added: "We came up with the idea of Nigeria Fashion Week 'Going Green.' That means asking designers, expecting designers, to use recycled fashion accessories to be able to make collections that will help us project the idea of going green, to help us bring awareness to people in Nigeria about the importance of a sustainable environment."

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Katy Perry

Though not the night's musical visitor, a game but at the start tense Katy Perry sang her way from side to side the show—as Christina Aguilera, as Florence and the Machine, as Pippa Middleton, and herself. Darrell Hammond, whose journal was released last month, appeared in the cold open as Donald Trump. Also creation cameos were Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, and Alec Baldwin (in damage control mode for his American Airlines incident). Musical guest Robyn performed "Call Your Girlfriend" and "Dancing on My Own."

Fergie's Fashion Misstep

Fergie -- who classically rocks every mini she squeezes into -- looked far from calciferous upon incoming at an In Style soiree on Thursday night in a bow-decorated Jean-Charles de Castelbajac bomb, whole with a Felix the Cat graphic. In adding to her dreary frock, the Black Eyed Peas front woman also sported limp locks and a splotchy spray tan. (12/8/2011)