Thursday, 17 November 2011

Eva Longoria

Lakers forward Matt Barnes is famous to be dating actress Eva Longoria, though both deny that they are emotionally and romantically involved.
Longoria, who is currently divorced from San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, picked up Barnes from the airport earlier this week, according to TMZ, advertising gossip sites around the Web to whisper.
True, driving to the airport could mean nothing more than doing a friend a favor -- but when a woman agrees to suffer through LAX traffic and its cacophonous symphony of honks for a man, people are going to go "hmmmm."
Barnes declared his breakup with reality-TV star Gloria Govan in October. Could this be the birth of a new athlete-celebrity relationship? Following the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce after 72 days of marriage, the world looks to be fiending for romance, real or imagined.
Barnes and Longoria were also found eating dinner together in New York a some weeks ago and partying at a nightclub in Las Vegas in October. And the two work together on Longoria's foundation, Padres Contra El Cancer.
Longoria is reportedly dating Penelope Cruz's younger brother, Eduardo, and after the rumors start flying, she posted this to her Who Say account "First Jessica Simpson, now this. Once again, press confused, Matt Barnes and I are not dating! Why is the truth never the headline?"

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