Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jennifer Aniston Women's Perfume

In the formation of her debut fragrance, Jennifer Aniston called to mind her first and most beloved memories of scent. Evoking reminiscences of sunlit days at the beach and happy summer nights, this charming composition includes light, flowering floral notes set against a sensual base of musk and woods.

"I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent reminiscences. For example, my love of night blooming jasmine has lasted a lifetime. Growing up in California, I absolutely keep in mind the scent of jasmine on summer evenings. I believe the scent of the ocean to be one of life's most inspiring sensual experience. No aroma is quite so purifying, awe-inspiring and exciting. The mixture of the salty air and hot oils reminds me of long sunny days on the beach-pure happiness." —Jennifer Aniston

The bottle, enthused by Jennifer's love and approval of architecture, references the flow of a Frank Gehry building and the variability of a cresting wave.

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