Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol leads US cinemas

The fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible permit has taken the number one mark at the US box office over the four-day Christmas weekend.
Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise, made $46.2m (£29.5m) and boosted Sherlock Holmes into second spot.
The fight movie came in third place last week after making its entrance at a limited number of screens.
Steven Spielberg's Tintin and War Horse appears on chart at five and seven correspondingly.
The director's action capture version of the Belgian boy adventurer, which has proved a box office hit around the world, made a self-effacing $16.1m (£10.2m) on its Christmas starting in North America.
In the meantime, Spielberg's version of Michael Morpurgo's book about a horse who is sent to fight during World War I, started business on Sunday and took $15m (£9.5m).
But both films were outshone by the US report of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, with appears on chart at number four.
The gritty film, directed by David Fincher and based on the first book of late Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson's trilogy, made $19.4m (£12.4m), in spite of not being feel-good Christmas fare.
But the movie was compressed to third place by family animation Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chip wrecked, which raked in a total of $20m (£12.7m).
Mission Impossible inside the top 10 were We Bought a Zoo - start Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson - in sixth place, and Darkest Hour at eight.

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